Caroline H.

“My husband and I found Tracy’s Yelp page about a month before leaving on a 10-day trip. Normally we have a family member or friend stay at our house to look after our two kitties while we are away, but this time none of our usual kitty sitters were available. Admittedly, I typically do a LOT of research before contacting any type of service professional, so by the time we met Tracy the weekend before our trip, I knew she was the real deal. Meeting her only confirmed what we already knew about her from her previous reviews – Tracy is kind, thoughtful, professional, and communicative. She does an excellent job running her business and we felt immediately at ease about our travels after meeting her. During our trip, Tracy texted us everyday to give us text and photo/video updates. She brought the kitties new toys (that they love even more than their existing toys), took the time to get to know and interact with them, kept our home and their boxes neat and tidy, and let us know what was going on at home while we were away. I looked forward to her updates everyday! When we got home from our trip, the kitties seemed much more content and relaxed than they have been in the past when we’ve returned from trips, even when our family and friends have been staying with or looking in on them! I think it’s because Tracy really took the time to give them lots of attention and play while we were gone, and being able to anticipate her visits really put them at ease. One of our kitties is VERY shy and within a couple of days Tracy brought her out of her shell. Seeing our shy gal make a new friend honestly made my heart swell! Tracy’s prices are very reasonable for the service she provides, which boils down to peace of mind. You want someone like Tracy looking after your animals and your home. She is just the best!”